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15 Ways to Improve Your On Camera Flash

David will show you how to get the best out of your on camera flash and he doesn't mean using it the good old fashion way.

Course Lessons

Course Introduction

The Worst Ways To Use A Flash 
Examining Problems with your On-camera Flash and a Directional Light Source.

Exploring Light Sources 
Some Ideas for Using Non-Directional and Directional Light Sources.

Color Balance 
How To Get Great Color Balance in the Camera.

Beautiful Light Techniques 
Getting Beautiful Light From an On Camera Flash.

Posing The Bride 
Posing and Lighting Techniques For Great Wedding Photos.

Exposure and Composition Techniques 
The Best Exposure Techniques Ever. (even for the JPEG shooter)

Ambient Light
Controlling the Contrast in an Ambient Light Situation.

Composition and Lighting Techniques 
Techniques when photographing the Bride and Groom Together.

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