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Photoshop Retouching Fashion Photography

After a photo shoot, the next step in fashion photography begins. In Photoshop CS4 Retouching: Fashion Photography Projects, professional photographer Chris Orwig demonstrates specific techniques for bringing out the best in beauty and fashion images. Chris divides the course into several practical projects, addressing the details of retouching faces, adjusting color values, and much more. This course expands on the skills introduced in Photoshop CS4 Portrait Retouching Essential Training, and aims to inspire photographers to achieve high-end professional results. Exercise files accompany the tutorials.
Topics include:

    Reducing shadows around the eyes and face
    Enhancing and smoothing skin
    Adding makeup to eyes, lips, and cheeks
    Improving details by adding light and shadow
    Modifying face and body shapes
    Brightening and straightening teeth for a perfect smile
    Creating dynamic images with creative color techniques
    Blending images of live subjects and products

author :  Chris Orwig
subject : Photography, Retouching
software : Photoshop CS4
level : Intermediate
duration : 7h 2m

Introduction [2m 33s]
Welcome [1m 17s] 
How to use this course [1m 16s] 
1. Beauty Project: High Fashion [56m 39s]
        Overview of the project [18s] 
        Basic cleanup [6m 48s] 
        Reducing shadows beneath the eyes [4m 49s] 
        Reducing shadows around the face [6m 8s] 
        Improving the shape of the lips [4m 10s] 
        Enhancing the tone of the lips [3m 44s] 
        Modifying the color of the lips [3m 25s] 
        Adding dimension to the face [3m 54s] 
        Darkening the eyebrows [3m 3s] 
        Enhancing the eyes [5m 30s] 
        Organizing the layers of the image and cleaning up [4m 48s] 
        Creating "looks" with color [4m 54s] 
        Sharpening the image [5m 8s] 

2. Beauty Project: Head and Shoulders [34m 40s]
        Overview of the project [14s] 
        Creating a retouching road map [1m 46s] 
        Cleaning up small details [2m 17s] 
        Brightening the shadows [2m 10s] 
        Brightening the skin [4m 10s] 
        Removing a strap from clothing [2m 24s] 
        Cleaning up after removing a strap [6m 38s] 
        Smoothing the skin [4m 37s] 
        Improving the color [4m 8s] 
        Final color adjustments [6m 16s] 

3. Detail Project: The Eye [29m 58s]
        Overview of the project [22s] 
        Basic cleanup [5m 44s] 
        Adding color to the makeup [3m 26s] 
        Brightening the shadows [1m 58s] 
        Sharpening and enhancing the color and tone of the eye [4m 2s] 
        Darkening the edges of the eye [2m 24s] 
        Whitening the eye [4m 44s] 
        Final adjustments [7m 18s] 

4. Studio Fashion Project [2h 0m]
        Overview of the project [24s] 
        Cleaning up small details [5m 37s] 
        Removing larger distractions [10m 21s] 
        Cleaning up flyaway hairs pt. 1 [6m 1s] 
        Cleaning up flyaway hairs pt. 2 [6m 26s] 
        Straightening the teeth [5m 15s] 
        Brightening the teeth [3m 54s] 
        Lowering the exposure [7m 37s] 
        Correcting color and tone [5m 31s] 
        Dodging to brighten shadows [10m 19s] 
        Changing the structure of the arm and the back [7m 7s] 
        Correcting the background [4m 10s] 
        Changing the background color [8m 16s] 
        Subtle skin smoothing [5m 35s] 
        Strong skin smoothing [6m 57s] 
        Adding eye makeup [4m 51s] 
        Adding lip and cheek makeup [6m 22s] 
        Enhancing the eyes [5m 22s] 
        Changing the color of the glove [3m 32s] 
        Adding shape to the image [3m 28s]
        Final project evaluation [3m 35s] 

5. Beach Fashion Project [58m 39s]
        Overview of the project [25s] 
        Basic cleanup [6m 30s] 
        Removing large distractions [5m 4s] 
        Enhancing the face [4m 4s] 
        Improving small details [4m 48s] 
        Changing the shape of the face [3m 47s] 
        Removing flyaway hairs [6m 20s] 
        Changing the shape of the body [4m 39s] 
        Cleaning up details [5m 37s] 
        Improving the eyes [4m 14s] 
        Brightening the face [3m 39s] 
        Enhancing the lips [1m 55s] 
        Being creative with color [4m 56s] 
        Final project evaluation [2m 41s] 

6. Nature Fashion Project [57m 57s
        Overview of the project [17s 
        Basic cleanup [4m 34s] 
        Improving skin [4m 55s] 
        Evening tone [10m 21s] 
        Improving shape [5m 44s] 
        Cleaning up details around the eye [6m 26s] 
        Improving details [1m 58s] 
        Enhancing eyes [3m 0s] 
        Softening the skin [6m 28s] 
        Brightening the skin and hair [3m 37s] 
        Enhancing color [2m 46s] 
        Adding light [3m 25s] 
        Final project evaluation [4m 26s] 

7. High-End Glamour Project [58m 39s]
        Overview of the project [21s] 
        Cleaning up the background [7m 17s] 
        Cleaning up the small details [6m 15s] 
        Cleaning up the mid-size details [7m 45s] 
        Removing wrinkles [7m 14s] 
        Softening skin [8m 51s] 
        Adding dimension [4m 43s] 
        Enhancing color [2m 43s] 
        Modifying the structure of the image [3m 15s] 
        Final project evaluation [2m 35s] 
        Bonus project: Adding shine and dimension to skin using Burn and Dodge [3m 49s]
        Bonus project: Adding contrast [3m 51s] 
        Conclusion [3m 0s]
        Additional resources [2m 38s] 
        Goodbye [22s] 


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