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The Busines Side of Photography

In this class, Rick shares his approach to this all-important side of photography, answering questions (interview style) from his workshop students and NAPP. And he should know! He spends more time on the business side of photography than taking pictures.

Overview and Best Photography Tip (03:56)
This question and answer session between Rick and Deborah will cover the common questions asked by viewers and NAPP members

How Do You Find the Time? (05:39)
Some advice and basic formula for photographers who are interested in writing a book

How Much Time to Spend on the Business Side of Photography (03:31)
You have to get your name out there

Sponsorship (02:26)
Develop relationships with sponsors, and remember that you have to deliver

Web Sites Are Very Important (04:25)
In many cases, this is your first impression. A photographer's web site is their calling card

Biggest Challenges on the Business Side (05:29)
Keep up with the changing technology and choosing locations

The Future and Using Releases (04:18)
As a photographer, you have to keep learning. This lesson also has some tips on using model and location releases

Making a Name for Yourself (05:26)
Creating quality photographs is important, but do not loose focus of the business side

Exhibit Your Work (03:52)
It is very important to get your work out there for people to see

Marketing Your Product (04:46)
You are the product as a photographer. You are a brand that has to be marketed in order for your customers to find you

Computer Equipment (02:47)
Some tips about this extremely important part of the digital photographer's workflow.

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