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Photoshop for Wedding Photographers

Featuring Scott Kelby, one of the famed "video guys" of Photoshop TV, seminar guru, etc.

If there's one thing you've learned as a wedding photographer, it's this: When it comes to weddings, real life isn't good enough. Without Photoshop to turn gray skies blue, make red eyes clear, and transform not-so-storybook events into fairytale affairs, you'd be in a heap of trouble. Here to ensure that you use your most valuable tool to full effect is a unique book-and-DVD kit that doubles your learning power. In the full-color printed handbook, you'll find complete instructions for creating unique photo layouts from scratch, while on the DVD you’ll discover how to create reusable storybook wedding templates. Uniting both mediums is author Scott Kelby's easy-to-follow format and fun, fast narrative. Between the disc and guide, you'll will learn how to use Photoshop to correct image color, remove blemishes, change backgrounds, create sepia-toned prints, tint images and more as you discover how to employ custom layouts, create re-usable templates, and produce storybook wedding pages.

One of the hottest trends in wedding photography is the storybook wedding album - taking photographs and turning them into eye-catching collages and artistic images. Join Scott Kelby, best-selling author and editor of Photoshop User magazine, as he reveals the secrets to creating amazing images that you can reuse over and over again by creating templates.

- Color Cutaway
- Multi Photo Stack
- Color BW Blend
- Photoshop Slideshow
- BW Blend
- Spotlight Effect
- Edge Effect
- Filmstrip Template
- Motion Blur


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