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Photoshop Power Shortcut

Photoshop CS4 offers an abundance of helpful shortcuts and hidden tricks that allow designers and photographers to get more done in less time. In Photoshop CS4 Power Shortcuts, Michael Ninness reveals hundreds of tips to boost productivity, including the top 20 power shortcuts every Photoshop user must know. He covers strategies for better document and panel management, and offers techniques for becoming quicker and more nimble when using layers, adjustment layers, and layer masks. Exercise files accompany the course.

Topics include:

    The “Make Better” key
    Cycling through open documents
    Formatting multiple files with templates and variables
    Dozens of shortcuts for working with type
    Manipulating layers and layer masks
    Hidden uses for the Crop tool
    Buried gems in the Layers panel
    Spring-loaded tool shortcuts

author :  Michael Ninness
subject : Design, Photography
software : Photoshop CS4
level : Intermediate
duration :  6h 21m

Introduction [1m 43s]
Welcome [1m 0s] 
Using the exercise files [43s] 
1. Top 20 Photoshop Power Shortcuts [48m 33s]
        The Make Better key [2m 48s] 
        Tool shortcuts [2m 50s] 
        Spring-loaded tool shortcuts [1m 43s] 
        Zooming [2m 35s] 
        Bird's-Eye View [1m 50s] 
        Hiding panels [2m 24s] 
        Changing brush size and hardness [2m 59s] 
        Resetting and swapping colors [2m 34s] 
        Opacity [2m 30s] 
        Labels and arrow keys [3m 15s] 
        Scrubby sliders [3m 7s] 
        Measurement system overrides [2m 14s] 
        Auto Select Layer [2m 42s] 
        Nudging [52s]
        Previewing, resetting, canceling, and applying [1m 39s] 
        Context menus [2m 41s] 
        Undo [1m 59s] 
        Editing keyboard shortcuts [3m 43s] 
        Discovering what's new and finding help [3m 1s] 
        Resetting preferences at launch [1m 7s] 

2. Documents, Panels, and Navigation Shortcuts [46m 37s]
        The Application frame [2m 16s] 
        The Application bar [1m 45s] 
        Opening files from Bridge [1m 51s] 
        Working with tabbed documents [2m 7s] 
        Cycling through open documents [49s] 
        The Arrange Documents widget [1m 22s] 
        Moving layers between documents [1m 47s] 
        Keyboard shortcuts for tile options [2m 7s] 
        Stop tabbing my documents! [1m 50s] 
        Panning and zooming all windows [2m 40s] 
        Closing all documents [20s] 
        Open GL navigation [2m 27s] 
        New document tricks [1m 22s] 
        The Rotate view [1m 37s] 
        Cycling through the screen modes [1m 52s] 
        Customizing the application background [1m 33s] 
        Status bar tricks [1m 44s] 
        Panel management options [3m 32s] 
        Managing panels with multiple panel docks [2m 30s] 
        Creating a panel flotilla [2m 47s] 
        Saving custom workspaces [3m 0s] 
        Quick spot and dust removal workflow [3m 9s] 
        Opening a flattened version of a layered file [2m 10s] 

3. Tool Shortcuts [8m 50s]
        Tool presets [2m 25s] 
        Resetting all tools [1m 9s] 
        Changing the Tools panel [1m 59s] 
        Customizing presets with the Preset Manager [3m 17s] 

4. Move Tool Shortcuts [4m 57s]
        Accessing the Move tool from any tool [1m 33s] 
        Selecting layers [3m 24s] 

5. Marquee Tool Shortcuts [15m 7s]
        Selection modifiers [4m 8s] 
        Transforming selections [2m 56s] 
        Quick Mask is your friend [4m 22s] 
        Viewing a selection as an alpha channel [1m 31s] 
        Reselecting a previous selection [2m 10s] 

6. Lasso Tool Shortcuts [8m 3s]
        The lasso tools [2m 9s] 
        The Magnetic Lasso tool [5m 54s] 

7. Crop Tool Shortcuts [9m 41s]
        Options for the Crop tool [1m 16s] 
        The Hide and Delete options in the Crop tool [1m 22s] 
        Bringing back hidden pixels with Reveal All [55s] 
        Making the canvas bigger with the Crop tool [2m 45s] 
        Relative canvas size [1m 9s] 
        Cropping in perspective [2m 14s] 

8. Eyedropper and Ruler Tool Shortcuts [4m 12s]
        The Eyedropper tool [1m 10s] 
        The Color Sampler tool [1m 23s] 
        Straightening a crooked image [49s] 
        Measuring an angle [50s] 

9. Clone and Healing Brush Tool Shortcuts [5m 26s]
        Saving file size when healing and cloning [1m 42s] 
        Cloning from a different document [58s] 
        Clone first, then heal [2m 46s] 

10. Brush Tool Shortcuts [7m 27s]
        A new way to change brush size and hardness [2m 17s] 
        Cycling through the brushes [1m 51s] 
        Painting a straight line [2m 2s] 
        Painting a dotted line [1m 17s] 

11. Gradient Tool Shortcuts [2m 6s]
        Cycling through gradient styles [2m 6s] 

12. Fill Shortcuts [3m 34s]
        Using fill commands instead of the Bucket tool [3m 34s] 

13. Shape Tool Shortcuts [6m 45s]
        Options for the shape tools [4m 2s] 
        Arrow options for the Line tool [1m 38s] 
        Add a new shape to an existing shape layer [1m 5s] 

14. Type Shortcuts [36m 10s]
        Point type vs. paragraph type [2m 10s] 
        Canceling and applying text edits [2m 1s] 
        Repositioning text while in the Type tool [1m 32s] 
        Selecting text on a type layer [2m 19s] 
        Renaming a text layer [1m 58s] 
        Shift + click near an existing type layer [1m 9s] 
        A better way to preview fonts [3m 7s] 
        Jumping directly to the font you want [3m 8s] 
        Changing type size and color [3m 0s] 
        Accessing the Character and Paragraph panels [1m 50s] 
        Type size keyboard shortcuts [52s] 
        Kerning and tracking keyboard shortcuts [2m 10s] 
        Leading keyboard shortcuts [59s] 
        Alignment keyboard shortcuts [1m 4s] 
        Changing multiple type layers at once [1m 15s] 
        How to hang your punctuation [1m 16s] 
        Using filters and keeping type editable [2m 54s] 
        Checking spelling [51s] 
        Using presets for the Type tool as styles [2m 35s] 

15. Layer and Layer Group Shortcuts [50m 28s]
        Converting a background layer [53s] 
        Duplicating a layer with the keyboard [1m 13s] 
        Duplicating a layer with the mouse [55s] 
        Duplicating layers across documents [2m 0s] 
        Selecting layers with the keyboard [2m 44s] 
        Changing layer stacking order [1m 58s] 
        Layer visibility shortcuts [1m 31s] 
        Undoing layer visibility [1m 34s] 
        Creating new layers [1m 30s] 
        Creating a new layer below the active layer [40s] 
        Locking transparency [1m 22s] 
        Making selections from layers [3m 29s] 
        Turning selections into layers [4m 39s] 
        Changing the thumbnails in the Layers panel [1m 24s] 
        Changing layer opacity [1m 0s] 
        Changing fill opacity [2m 9s] 
        Grouping and ungrouping layers [1m 28s] 
        Collapsing and expanding all layer groups [1m 52s] 
        Deleting layers and groups [1m 4s] 
        Layer clipping masks [3m 28s] 
        Cycling through the blend modes [1m 57s] 
        Keyboard shortcuts for specific blend modes [1m 25s]
        Merging layers [2m 27s] 
        Creating a composite copy of a layer group [1m 48s] 
        Creating a composite copy of visible layers [2m 26s] 
        Copying visible layers [2m 44s] 
        Color-coding layers [48s] 

16. Layer Mask Shortcuts [18m 19s]
        Different ways to view a layer mask [1m 58s] 
        Toggling between a layer and a layer mask [1m 25s] 
        Moving a layer mask to a different layer [1m 19s] 
        Duplicating a layer mask [1m 53s] 
        Adding a layer mask on a layer group [2m 48s] 
        Pasting into a layer mask [2m 6s] 
        Moving layers and layer masks [1m 42s] 
        Inverting layer masks [2m 9s] 
        Refine Mask shortcuts [2m 9s] 
        Deleting a layer mask [50s] 

17. Adjustment Layer Shortcuts [22m 55s]
        Working smarter by changing your keyboard shortcuts [3m 50s] 
        Toggling the preview of an adjustment layer [1m 10s] 
        Targeted Curves adjustments [1m 38s] 
        Targeted Hue/Saturation adjustments [1m 30s] 
        Adjustment layer options [58s] 
        Cycling through channels for Curves and Levels [1m 32s] 
        Cycling through Hue/Saturation colors [1m 2s] 
        Clipping adjustment layers automatically [2m 37s] 
        Starting with a selection [2m 1s] 
        Saving time with adjustment layer presets [3m 22s] 
        Bonus: Auto commands as adjustment layers [3m 15s] 

18. Curves Adjustment Layer Shortcuts [10m 10s]
        Options for the Curves adjustment layer [1m 52s] 
        Setting a curve point in the composite channel [2m 0s] 
        Setting a curve point in each color channel [1m 58s] 
        Working with curve points [1m 57s] 
        Accessing the Tonal Clipping preview [2m 23s] 

19. Layer Styles Shortcuts [13m 35s]
        Scaling layer styles [1m 59s] 
        Moving and copying layer styles [1m 50s] 
        Creating strokes with sharp corners [1m 16s] 
        Saving a layer style [3m 16s] 
        Adding a watermark to an image [2m 45s]
        Performance tip: Hide all layer effects [1m 1s] 
        Tricks for opening the Layer Style dialog box [1m 28s] 

20. Channels Shortcuts [6m 54s]
        Doing the Channel Walk [3m 38s] 
        Loading selections from channels with the mouse [1m 32s]
        Loading selections from channels with the keyboard [1m 44s] 

21. View, Rulers, and Guides Shortcuts [13m 30s]
        Toggling the rulers, guides and grids [2m 12s] 
        Locking and snapping [1m 51s] 
        Changing the orientation of guides [2m 8s] 
        Snapping guides to ruler marks [38s] 
        Changing the measurement system [1m 1s] 
        Using Percentage to create guides [2m 30s] 
        Guides and image size [1m 43s] 
        Changing the ruler origin point [1m 27s] 

22. Free Transform Shortcuts [17m 58s]
        Everyday modifiers for Free Transform [1m 43s] 
        Distorting transformations [54s] 
        Skewing transformations [58s] 
        Perspective transformations [57s] 
        Where are the Free Transform handles? [1m 33s] 
        Transform Again [1m 21s] 
        Transform Again and Copy [1m 18s] 
        Moving the transformation center point [1m 32s] 
        Aligning a layer to the center of a document [1m 17s] 
        Nondestructive transformations [3m 38s] 
        Warp transformations [2m 47s] 

23. Filters Shortcuts [7m 18s]
        Reapplying the last filter you used [42s] 
        Reopening the last filter you used [40s] 
        Assigning shortcuts to your favorite filters [1m 15s] 
        Using filters nondestructively [2m 0s] 
        Applying a filter to multiple layers [2m 41s] 

24. Bonus Shortcuts [10m 3s]
        Combining files to layers from Adobe Bridge [44s] 
        Making Bicubic Sharper the default algorithm [2m 44s] 
        Choosing a different color ramp [1m 9s] 
        Format multiple files with a template and variables [5m 26s] 
        Conclusion [1m 14s]
        Goodbye [1m 14s] 


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