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Stunning Off Camera Flash

Professional wedding photographer David Ziser takes us through his processes during a bridal shoot while utilizing an off-camera flash

Introduction and Solving Problems (05:16)
Every wedding location is different and comes with its own set of challenges for photographers

In Front of the Altar (04:41)
Here are some tips for using directional lighting and for posing your subject

Setting Up Your Off-Camera Flash (08:06)
Diffusing your flash through an umbrella will soften the light on your subject

Highlights Next to Shadows (05:17)
Using your off-camera flash to illuminate your subject's face and creating a nose shadow

Correcting Exposure (02:42)
There's the blinky method for identifying and eliminating blown-out highlights

Changing Composition (06:28)
Positioning your subject in the classic S curve, and reducing shutter speed to lighten the background

Adjust the Pose (04:16)
Shooting the subject from different angles and using the subject to cover objects in the background

Spice It Up (01:24)
Using a small, floor flash to illuminate the bride's veil

Stained Glass Background (07:13)
Shooting the bride in front of a colored window

Survey the Surroundings (02:56)
It's always good to walk around a new location and find the best angles for your shots

Bouncing the Light (03:06)
One technique is to bounce the off-camera flash off of a white wall which will produce a large, diffused light source

Beautiful Bridal Images (07:07)
Playing with the location, the pose, the light source, and the shutter speed in order to get an eye-catching set of images

Looking For a Background (02:40)
Keep an eye out for interesting backgrounds that really fit your bridal portrait

The Floof and Run (03:25)
You might need an extra pair of hands to accomplish this bridal shot setup

Cheating the Shutter (03:53)
One more portrait technique and a summary of everything we covered in the course

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