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HDR Tutorial Video

HDR is one of the hottest trends in digital photography right now and we're going to dive in head first during this online training course.

Introduction (03:57)
Matt talks about HDR and explains what he will cover during the course

What is HDR? (03:53)
What are the benefits of High Dynamic Range photography

How to Shoot for HDR (08:09)
Things to do and not to do when setting up to shoot HDR photos

Using Photoshops Built-in HDR tools (07:17)
Here is what Photoshop has to offer for HDR

Starting with Photomatix (06:46)
Getting started with Photomatix and HDR

Tone Mapping Detail Enhancer (10:59)
Using the Details Enhancer in Photomatix

Tone Mapping Tone Compressors (04:37)
Moving on to the Tone Compressor in Photomatix

Quick Tip (03:17)
Be mindful of the noise in your photos

Saving Your Image (04:34)
After processing, you need to get the image into another format

Post Processing in Lightroom (09:19)
Lightroom is a much better program for image adjustment than Photomatix

Post Processing in Camera Raw (09:06)
Using Bridge and Camera Raw to do post processing on your image

Adding Photoshop (07:54)
Even if you don't use Photoshop for creating HDR, it is still the perfect tool for a lot of other image enhancements

The Surreal Fantasy Style (10:20)
Exploring this popular fantasy style of HDR

Photomatix Batching and HDR Panoramas (10:32)
Follow this workflow for creating HDR panoramas

Pseudo-HDR from One Photo (07:33)
Even if you did not shoot multiple photos, Photomatix can still create a HDR style image

Quick Tip 2 (02:06)
Finding your favorite HDR photos

HDR Workflow with Lightroom (10:25)
Going over the entire HDR workflow with Lightroom

HDR Workflow with Bridge and Photoshop (09:43)
Going over the entire HDR workflow with Adobe Bridge and Camera Raw

Conclusion (00:32)
HDR photography is powerful stuff and we hope you learned a lot how about creating this style of image

Total Course Time: 02 Hours 10 Minutes

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